Livestreaming of Events

ZUGABE!TV presents Live Events – our portfolio offers the perfect concert and festival promotion tools. Our video material can be streamed live directly from the event or can be published only afterwards for multiple purposes. You have the choice. In the style of an all-in-one solution packages of a number of services are of course possible as well. When we record your live concert we create a live record of the whole show. This record can be broadcasted as a livestream on social media channels if you want. Livestream production for us means not only to create awesome stream material but also to do the whole broadcasting for you. For this matter we as Z!TV own a Youtube and Facebook channel. Live streaming concerts and festivals is especially interesting for sold-out or yet underground events. For the production of the livestream we use our concert recording with 4 cameras. On this page you can read all info regarding the technology. If the band-width is strong enough, the livestream will be available in SD quality. The streaming of the event is optional and can be deselected completely or partially. Also, limiting the stream to a specific audience and changing the settings to „private“ afterwards is possible.


As a livestream provider are also experienced in streaming concerts and festivals on your own channels.


Good news: the livestream of the event is part of our service and therefore for free if you book us for recording your concert. If you want to book the live streaming individually, take a look on our prices. How much the live streaming costs for musicians differs a bit from how much the live streaming costs for organisers.


Of course there’s nothing better than experiencing the fave band live on stage. Insofar the live streaming should be recognized as a literal „encore“ (which is our name translated to English). Nevertheless we are proud of our livestream productions so far which you can find in our media libraries.