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Concert Recording

Video production for live events

ZUGABE!TV can live record concerts for you.

We use 4 cameras for the video production. The front cam in front of stage, in the audience, is operated dynamically (swivels and zooms). Three more static cams on stage provide interesting perspectives. Although they are so small that they will always find a place on stage, they deliver brilliant pictures. For a good sound we use the audio signal from the mixer plus live atmosphere from mics that we install in the audience.

Eventually, we create a concert recording that captures the best moments while staying authentic and bringing the viewer closer. When making an agreement with us, you can re-use and disseminate the material afterwards.


This means: no delay and no post production costs. We say „just-in-time“ because the cutting is done simultaneously to the recording. The result is a live mix of different angles that is effectively wrapped up with your last chord. The ready-made video production will then be delivered to you promptly in a computer compatible and hence easily editible untrimmed size.


We have products for every budget. We offer different pices for musicians and organizers and have a special price for festivals.


Our way of making videos pays off three times. The just-in-time production enables us to stream concerts live simultaneously. You thought this was off the cards for you? We want to change that! We include the service of livestreaming your show for free, when you book us for the concert recording. You can also book the livestream production separately.