ZUGABE!TV does video productions and livestreams of events. We offer our customers four camera perspectives of the stage. Therefore, besides a lot of festivals and concerts, we work for other kinds of events (sports, conferences, theatre, readings, worships, fairs, weddings and so on) too. Our way of working makes it possible to project the picture onto a video wall immediately while your show lasts. Either musician or event manager - we are your partner for the next event video. 


With longlasting experience with the production of videos and livestreams we can't await the next exiting project. In Dresden (Germany) our working place is part of the interior in many locations. Through whole Saxony we always meet familiar faces at the local festivals and even in other areas of Germany we took part in many concerts. We unite two affairs of the heart with what we do: to provide popular and unknown musicians with great promo material and to capture precious moments for concert attendees, so they can watch them later again. We're glad you're here. If you're artist or event organizer: you can get an overview of our work on these pages. Feel free to take a look!


What makes us special? We work with mobile technology, provide your video recording quasi instantly and guarantee a transparent price. No matter if huge halls, concerts in living rooms, club events, naves or festivals - with over 10 years of experience in the business of video productions you get cinema at its best at a reasonable price! Our repertoir reaches from Metal to Jazz and Dixieland to Folklore.


Just-In-Time Videoproduktion mit 4 Kameras und PC

The live experience always played a big role for us. That's why we make our video production in real-time too. The recording of your concert will be finished in time with your last chord. This means: no waiting time and missing post-production costs for your recording.


Livestream von überall im Internet empfangbar

A (compressed) livestream for free is included, when you book us for recording. You can reach more fans and future concert attendees. Later on the livestreams are available on demand in our media libraries, making them a special gift for your fans. 


Projektionen auf Bildschirme oder Leinwände

A projection onto external displays or canvases wraps up the whole concert experience. Fans have the opportunity to enjoy your show even more. Wir deliver the picture for projection to the chosen interface. Even for organizers projection offers great opportunities!


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*Live streamings are operational with no guarantee, depend on the RUNNING ORDER of the event and will start at our channel with the first chord. Subscribers of our YOUTUBE channel and followers of our FACEBOOK page can receive push messages on their PC, tablet or smartphone if this is set correctly. If you do not want to become a subscriber, we suggest to sign in to our newsletter or WHATSAPP (send "LIVE" to +49 1577 7711351). Rebroadcastings can be watched directly in the FACEBOOK event (as a post in "discussion"). Sometimes streams are broadcasted directly from the fan pages of bands or promoters. In this case we try to embed them onto this homepage as quickly as possible. It may then be necessary to load this site again. We have only limited influence on audio and video quality of livestreams. The stability of the stream also depends on the local situation. We will put corporate content into the stream at times. There is no possibility to provide guarantee or support for this free offer. We take no accountability for possible personal injury, damage of property and financial losses. Moreover we are not responsible for presented content and distance ourself from it. Furthermore we reserve the right to pause or end streamings.

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