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Event Video Production for Artists and Organizers

We have been in business as a video production company for events for over 10 years now. We started our work to follow two ideas we hold close to our hearts: to produce awesome promo material for popular or yet unknown musicians and to capture the best moments for concert visitors so that they can relive them afterwards. It’s therefore no accident that we quickly made a name for ourselves in the cultural scene of Dresden, our city of origin. Moreover, in the past years, we’ve been part of a lot of festivals and concerts in other parts of Germany. Our present repertoire is made up of heavy metal, rock, punk, ska, jazz, blues, acoustic, … concerts. Get inspired!

ZUGABE!TV presents Live Events – our portfolio is built for your concert and festival promotion. Our video material can be livestreamed immediately or be published in various formats only after the event. It’s your choice. Of course, we are also happy to offer you an all-in-one solution if you think about booking a package of multiple services!

You are not sure about the perfect solution for you or you have something else in mind? Take a look into our media library and contact us via e-mail or telephone!

Live Production of Events

ZUGABE!TV Konzert Videoproduktion Dresden

The live experience always played a big role for us. That’s why we make our video production in real-time too. The recording of your concert will be finished in time with your last chord. This means: no waiting time and missing post-production costs for your recording.

Livestream Production

ZUGABE!TV Livestream Produktion

A (compressed) livestream for free is included, when you book us for recording. You can reach more fans and future concert attendees. Later on the livestreams are available on demand in our media libraries, making them a special gift for your fans.

Projection onto Video Walls

Videoprojektion auf Video Wall Jazztage Dresden

A projection onto external displays or canvases wraps up the whole concert experience. Fans have the opportunity to enjoy your show even more. Wir deliver the picture for projection to the chosen interface. Even for organizers projection offers great opportunities!