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CORONA-announcement: As long as there are complications for cultural workers due to the pandemic, we quit our normal prices for livestreaming of professional musicians in the Dresden area. If you plan on doing a benefit livestream (of course while paying attention to the current measures) we ask for an appropriate stake of the donations to cover our costs while still creating a platform for (online) performances for artists. We ask for a basic amount of 100€. If projects are subsidized by the Länder or municipalities (e.g. Stipendium Denkzeit), our fee will be adjusted to grant you receive. Please inform yourself about subsidies on the respective websites, for example Stadt DresdenSächsischer Musikrat e. V.Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen.

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21.05.2020, 18:00 Uhr (MEST)

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*The live streams are generally operational and not guaranteed. They are dependent on the running order of the event. Live streams will start running on our channels with the first chord. Our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter followers can receive notifications on their devices when enabling this function on the respective platforms. ZUGABE!TV only has limited influence on audio and video quality. The stability of the stream is also dependent on the conditions at the event site. There will partly be flashes in the stream with some announcement from ZUGABE!TV. You can enjoy the livestreams for free but due to the aforementioned conditions we cannot garantuee any service nor support. We therefore assume no liabilities for physical and pecuniary damages, as well as personal damages and spectator conducts. We are furthermore not responsible for performed content and repudiate in the strongest terms. Next to that, we reserve the right to discontinue the stream temporarily or wholly.