Video & Stage Projections


Stage projections are part of every big concert. For you a projection onto a video wall could make sense too. Your fans have a better view on the stage and nothing will stop you from playing the really big gigs. 


A stage projection with us is simple. We provide the video signal from our live production. This means: 4 cameras in the mix and alternatively SD, HD or fullHD quality. We setup everything up to the port of the reproducing device. From then it doesn't matter if there are canvases, video walls, screens or any other monitors are available. Of course we have cooperating partner companies to organise you the necessary reproducing devices. 


Video and audio material can be, aside from the stage, broadcasted to other areas of the event site as well. We have so far reproduced our live productions in the backstage area, the org office, at the bar and the merch booth for previous jobs. Since visitors will stay longer at bar and merch booth when they can follow the show there, revenues are going to increase this way. For everybody working in the background it is also nice to experience parts of the event or have an overview which is beneficial of organisational purposes too. For this as well you can ask us for appropriate reproducing technology.


You want to know, how much stage projection and similar will be? Our offer for artists start at 200€ per gig, for organisers at 300€ per day. Please have a look on our video production prices for musicians or organisers to learn more.

Stage projection onto video wall for Jazztage Dresden

ZUGABE!TV videoproduktion

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