Concert Recording


ZUGABE!TV can live record concerts for you.


The video production is done with four cameras. The front cam in front of the stage is operated dynamically by swivelling and zooming. Three more static cams on stage add up to exciting perspectives. Although they are so small they always find a place on stage, they deliver brilliant pictures. Sound signals come directly from the mixer. Together with the live atmosphere from the hall recorded by our own mics it sounds 100% live like.


This results in a concert recording, that captures the best moments, stays true and authentic and brings the viewer very close. The further use of the material is optional when arranged with us. 

✔ Just-In-Time Live production

That means: no waiting times and no post-production costs. We speak of just-in-time because cutting is done during the production. The result is a live mix, that is finished with the last chord. We share the completed video production with you shortly after in a computer compatible raw format that is easy editable.

✔ SD, HD or fullHD

Choose freely between different video qualities as you prefer. We will be glad to help you decide. Our tariffs already start at 250€ for productions in SD. Depending if you're artist or organiser you'll find the tariffs at prices for musicians or prices for organisers.

✔ incl. Live streaming of Event

Our way of producing videos pays off three times. The just-in-time production makes it possible to simultaneously stream concerts live to the web. 'No chance!' you thought? That is precisely what we want to change! Livestreams are included for free when you book us for the recording of your event. You can also book the livestream production separately.

✔ Projection onto video wall possible

Another benefit. When we cut the video record the moment we film it, it becomes instantly available. This way we are able to show the live mix on canvases and screens on stage or on other monitors in the event area. Musicians can be better seen by fans with help of such a video projection.

ZUGABE!TV videoproduktion

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